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SAVVY Insights is dedicated to helping business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate employees and executives achieve a higher level of success by taking control over their professional and personal life. We provide a stable balance between business consulting and personal coaching through self examination, shared business knowledge and personal perseverance. Contact us for your complimentary assessment.


P. J. Goodson

I am a Certified Professional Behavioral and Motivational Analyst (CPBA, CPMA) and CEO of Savvy Insights Consulting. I am very proficient in the DISC Behaviors, Motivators/Driving Forces, Competency, Acumen and EQ Insights. For over 20 years my specialty has been implementing and delivering measurable results in leadership and organizational development. I know relationships and have a passion for showing individuals why they do the things they do and where their light shines best. Growing their personal and professional development promotes a healthier environment within the organization.

My current contracts as a consultant are with the City of Vacaville, CA, coaching/mentoring their executive team (including Police & Fire) and their Leadership Training Program for succession planning. The Vacaville and Fairfield, Suisun City Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Program. I also coach other prominent leaders in the community.

I am also President and co-owner of The Landmark Image, Inc. with my partner Ray Goodson. The Landmark Image, Inc. is a Nationwide Print and Marketing Communications company established in 1987.


Clients can easily and efficiently administer Internet-based assessment and receive immediate results on a 24/7 basis worldwide and in 8 different languages.



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